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Marilyn "Nita" Johnston

Host/Creative Writer

      Nita is an accomplished writer, inspirational speaker and Family Nurse Practitioner. She was born and raised in Mount Vernon. Overcoming poverty, teen pregnancy and divorce, Nita became a leader in Advanced Practice Nursing and Oncology. An accomplished playwright, Nita uses comedy to address serious issues affecting the community.

      Whether its mentoring the youth, coordinating community health projects or public speaking, Nita can be found doing her part in making the world a better place. ” Can you imagine how many people we can make laugh, or inspire just by sharing a story? I know this platform can help me save the world, one podcast at a time.”


Richard Douglas


       Rich is a technology geek from the streets. Born in Jamaica W.I, Rich is the youngest of 32 siblings, 12 of which were born of his mother. This bad boy Brainiac was a high school drop-out with a passion for technology and real estate.

      After completing his GED at 19 years old, Rich pursued his love for computers and became a certified Cisco and Microsoft technician. He obtained his bachelors degree in Technical Management in 2017 and is currently pursuing his MBA.

      After becoming successful in house flipping, Rich became a self-published author and lecturer on real estate. Rich’s home study course on flipping houses was taught throughout the tri-state N.Y area. If that were not enough, Rich’s life experiences include restaurant entrepreneur, trucking company and DIY projects. One of his life passions is the underserved and he actively volunteers by cooking for the homeless and providing self improvement courses.

     Rich plans to extend his reach through podcasting, mentorship and community development. “ I am taking all that life has taught me and giving it back to my community and to the listening audience. I want to help real people in their daily lives”

About Our Podcast

      Richard and Nita knew from the first day they met that greatness was on the horizon. Rich the Genius with a bad boy past and Nita, a sassy home-girl, and medical professional have joined forces to bring you a podcast with a punch.

      Rich and Nita are not just a power couple, they are also down to earth people with a passion for the community. Each believes that the “Rich and Nita Save The World” podcast will be a platform for relevant topics and heartwarming encouragement. Nita’s signature pep talk is a time to encourage and uplift. Rich’s bad boy spin is a perfect balance to conservative views. 

      Together, this dynamic duo is set to be the next best thing in PodCasts, VideoCasts, and other media forums. 

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